Walnut Creek/East Bay Chapter

2018 Beaver Festival

By Dorothy Miller

We came, we saw, we sold some handcrafted items, and we handed out a lot of ASG flyers!  We also had a very warm but enjoyable day.  There were different bands all during the day. None of them was the noisy kind so we could enjoy them as well.

Laura Knapp loaned us her canopy so we had shade.  She stayed long enough to help us try to get it up properly before she had to go elsewhere.  But it took the extra help (and height) of Mike Elliot of the Wild Birds Unlimited to get it to stay up.

Margaret Caley brought her lovely necktie bags, water, ice, and cooling towels.  Diana Hotelling brought cash so we could give change to people who bought some of our things, and the credit card thingy that helped save more than one sale for us.  Dorothy Miller brought a table and chairs, plus a couple of seat mats for those really hard folding chairs.  (And her dragons, of course.)  Jan Driscoll came by and added some of her lace insets to the collection of things on the table.

One of Diana’s friends bought the 1st dragon. After discussing it, Margaret and Dorothy decided to donate one bag and one dragon to the Festival’s Silent Auction, both as a Thank You to the Worth A Dam organization and as a show of support.  Margaret’s bag got bids and sold but the dragon will be put away for next year.

Vendors displayed all kinds of beaver theme things different for sale.  Some were stuffed and some were puppets.  I asked if they knew anything about patterns for beavers.  Nobody did because all of their items were commercially made.  If I can find a decent beaver pattern I’ll give that a try.

We handed out most of the flyers we brought with us.  If someone showed an interest, getting them to take the flyer was easy.  For those who said they didn’t sew we asked if they knew someone who did and would they give our flyer to that person.

I was going to keep an inventory of what we sold but somewhere along the line, I lost track.  But Diana got to use the credit card thingy and when we closed up she had an envelope with cash from our sales.

We talked about doing it again next year and if we even get one new member from all our chatting and handing out of the flyers, it is worth the time and effort.